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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Dingolay mean?

Etymologically, the word Dingolay is derived from Kongo, one of the Bantu languages. Dingolay means, “to dance, twist and turn in elaborate movements, symbolizing the culture and language of the ancestors of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.”
In African culture, dance movements are a form of communication, hence, through Dingolay, the Trinidad and Tobago communicate, exhibit their culture and pay homage to their ancestors.

Is Dingolay hot sauce 100% natural?

Yes, Dingolay Hot Sauce is prepared with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Pair it with any meal and you are in for a treat.

Why should you have your food with hot sauce?

Spicy food is considered to release stress-easing endorphins that eventually brings you pleasure. If you pair your food with hot sauces, the fiery flavors will enhance the taste of any regular meal, making it tastier and relishing.

Is Dingolay Hot Sauce gluten-free?

Yes, all Dingolay Hot Sauces are gluten-free and carry several health benefits. All the ingredients are natural, and we aim to cater to all the needs of our customers.

Is Dingolay Hot Sauce vegan-friendly?

Yes, all flavors of Dingolay Hot Sauce are vegan-friendly. Pair it with your regular tasting foods and jazz up your meal.

Which flavor of Dingolay Hot Sauce is the hottest?

Our Original Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce is the hottest. It is prepared with homegrown Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Olive Oil, Garlic-infused Carrots,

Does Dingolay grow its own scotch bonnet pepper?

Yes, we grow our own Scotch Bonnet Peppers under the Jamaican Sun, in the Caribbean. Packed with several beneficial ingredients, we are determined to provide our customers with the best of the best.

 Can you use Dingolay Hot Sauce as a Marinade?

Our Hot Sauce is an all-rounder. Pair it with any food, use it as a marinade, spread, or dip, it will always add an unexplored dimension to your ever same food and enhance its flavor.