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Scotch Bonnet Pepper
Scotch bonnet pepper | Uses and health benefits

What is Scotch Bonnet Pepper? Widely known by names like Bahama mamas or Jamaican hots, Scotch Bonne…

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People around the world have different heat levels and preferences for the foods they eat. Some love…

Scoville Scale For Hot Sauce | Dingolay’s Turning Up The Heat

You will find this term labeled on the back of a hot sauce bottle, where the spiciness of the hot sa…

Is hot sauce good for you?

Being a hot sauce fan, you probably can indulge in eating it for an entire lifetime and still think …

Scotch Bonnet Vs Habanero: A Tale of Two Peppers

It’s a fine Saturday night and you want to cook the perfect, tasteful, and rather spicy dinner for y…